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Captiv8 Aquaculture, defined

Non-institutionizable, independent, fully- and formally-qualified, Captiv8 Aquaculture is entirely owned and operated by a team of scientists and growers who have been professionally immersed in the company's areas of emphasis for over two decades, and who have a proven track record of success in working with domestic and foreign: commercial and private growers; research organizations; governmental agencies; NGOs; regulatory agencies; educational institutions; and grant funding agencies.
Our unique ownership profile places overall company focus on quality, efficacy, and innovation, with the defined purpose of achieving more significant results with the smallest possible carbon footprint and environmental impact.  When these are the objectives, emphasis shifts towards sustainability and results, alleviating the significant waste of global resources associated with a traditional business model of filling warehouses with redundant or inferior goods.  We are integrity- and results-driven, not profit-driven.

Captiv8 Aquaculture is 100% U.S.-owned, -operated, and -produced. Our professional staff has comprehensive expertise in: water chemistry (marine, transitional, fresh); buffer chemistry; aquaculture (marine, transitional, and freshwater finfish, shellfish, cnidarians, poriferans, and phototrophs); aquatic horticulture; hydroponics; Ichthyology; design, construction, and successful of operation of high-efficiency, 100% recirculating aquaculture and aquaponics systems for commercial, research, and educational applications, with DIN and free phosphate undetectable in the effluent; production, packaging, logistics, and regulatory compliance (domestic and foreign) for inorganic and organic compounds used expressly in the culture and care of aquatic and terrestrial organisms maintained in recirculating aquatic systems and plant nurseries.


Captiv8 Aquaculture is independent.  It is not a division or subsidiary of another company, nor is it affiliated with any other company.  All Captiv8 Aquaculture goods are produced entirely within our private U.S. facility.

Objectives and Ethics
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The primary objective of Captiv8 Aquaculture is to improve upon the success of our clients, and to significantly reduce their overall costs of operation, environmental impact, and carbon footprint, through focused innovation and precise methods of production meeting our exacting standards, as well as developing and implementing methods of culture which maximize available resource utilization and minimize waste and pollution.

Through extensive research, innovative design, exhaustive testing, precision manufacture, and comprehensive technical support, we are able to establish enduring relationships with our clients, assisting them in projects which require unique approaches, custom synthesis, or levels of ionic accuracy which are beyond the capabilities of other producers.  Collectively, these actions are taken to alleviate pressure on the environment which is the result of traditional aquaculture and horticulture methods.

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Captiv8 Aquaculture excels in two areas: 1.) custom synthesis of ionic and organic compounds to address specific requirements posed by crops and livestock in living systems, and 2.) design, construction, implementation, and technical support of scalable, 100% recirculating aquaculture and aquaponics systems featuring low- to immeasurable-content of DIN and free phosphate in the effluent.

Precision formulation and production of complex ionic and organic compounds are our hallmarks.  Ionic accuracy of our products exceeds 99.9% of claimed values for all guaranteed parameters.  Clients may provide us their own formulations to produce, or inform us of their system requirements and request that we custom synthesize products to achieve their goals.

Our patent-pending O.N.E. Aquaculture Systems are the answer to outdated recirculating aquaculture systems operated throughout the world.  Entirely movable within a matter of hours, scalable to incorporate greater or fewer systems, changing nutrient profiles, or livestock with complex care requirements, with extremely high capacity for uptake of waste*, and with dramatically reduced environmental impact in terms of waste water discharge*, O.N.E. Aquaculture Systems are revolutionizing the way that aquatic organisms are raised for food, research, and posterity.

*Relative to conventional systems with equivalent grow out volume.

Environment and Sustainability
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Our pricing reflects the costs of American labor and materials utilized in construction of ultra-high-efficiency recirculating aquaculture systems, and in the design and/or formulation and production of maintenance accessories, ionic and organic compounds, and feed adjuncts; it is not inflated by marketing schemes or top-heavy corporate structure. Additionally, we manufacture products upon client request, alleviating us from burdens associated with stocking goods so that they are ready for shipment at a moment's notice.  Resultantly, we do not strive to bring new products to the table with each passing day, simply to feed the fire.  Our business is driven by client needs and our own research interests.

To the maximum possible extent, we utilize 100% post-consumer packaging, produced in the U.S.  Further, we avoid the incorporation of packaging and raw materials imported from China, including Mylar pouches (Mylar cannot be recycled at this time).

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